I am starting to plan my travel around the world. Or why to travel around the world.


At this moment, my english is a funny mixture of series and poem analysis and other strange stuff I had to do in school. English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes. But over surrounding the world, I will surely improve.

You will ask who I am and what I would like to do exactely. Well, I’ll tell you.

But first start the music. To read blogs, to feel how other people feel can always sensed better with the right sound:

I don’t know why, but this music (even it’s a lovesong) represents me at this moment as best.

Back to me.

Maybe I am you. Reading this text now, beeing in the same situation.

A few days ago, I made my exams. Now I am free. Beeing in school was hard for me. It was some kind of prison and I felt not beeing allowed to look out of the windows. But at the same time it was a safe port, I had not to think about sence and responsibility. I wasn’t free but I also was not responsible for all the shit I had to survive. Now I will care about my own life, not beeing prepared for that and I want a good life, a great life.

I see me. I see you. I see the most magnificent capability. I see dreams. I see chances. And I don’t want to waste it.

Damn it! A lot of friends, a whole generation makes after its school graduation any social blahblah shit, which seems good in there application. And they pay a lot of money for this stuff. But oh God, not to long. As quick as possible in a plain study, against your own will, but rationality gains. Back again in prison, but the vibe of cold security feels good, am I right?

And all this pretty shit only to get a job which we hate for getting crap we don’t need.

I don’t want to life as that. Even if it’s only once in my life, I wanna be free. I want to travel. Travel around the world. Making such stupid things as long as I can. And I know, you also want it.

beeing free like I was in this moment

I’m also only some such guy writing about his story. His travel around the world. And I want to take you with me on my great road trip off the road.

I am living somewhere in Germany, but I could be anywhere else, doesn’t matter. I am a delighted daydreamer having no money but a lot of ethusiasm to do this.

For roughly a half year I will try to earn some money to financiate this. Probably some stupid prosaic assembly line work, but I think I have no other choice (or do you have any ideas?). Concurrently I will plan my voyage and post here my results for helping others to get rid of that fear which make us staying at home.

map of my route in asia

But to say it clear. This won’t be in any way a tourist blog, telling you stuff about sightseeing and the newest sunscreen. There are better sites to look for that. I will focus on the roots. I will travel low budget and I will not visit stuff „which have to be visited“. I want to get to know cultures, people and some taste of the world wherever I will be.

Travel along with me. Hope you don’t find any pleaded excuses not to go out into the world. Hope you will be part of that story.


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