Around the world with one ticket

Let me tell you about the

around the world ticket

I have good news! Nothing big but I’m very happy because it’s a little step forward.

But again, first start the music if you want to:


So, what’s up? Yesterday, I was driving to buy some food for making lunch for my family. I’ve time now, so I’m glad do stuff like that and I really like to cook. When I think about .. there’s a lot of female in me but I’m happy about and not upset. I think thats something good and this characteristic maybe also avoids a lot of struggle with my unique girlfriend. By the way, she is the best thing which could be happen to me. And I’m so sorry to leave here for such a long time. That will be really hard. And I’m not a friend of long-distance relationships.

As you see, I’m pretty easily distracted, I’m a daydreamer, I love this way of living – but to run with a golden thread is sometimes better. For example in a blog post about round the world tickets.

So I was driving through the forest in my thirty year old italy Fiat Panda with broken window and an engine which only works good when the weather is not to cold. Anyway, I like driving and I love this little jerk called Panda.

fiat panda driving

When I arrived at the parking of the supermarket my smartphone was ringing.

There was one of the nicest phone call voices I’ve ever heard. Her name was Anja and don’t know what, but something (which has to be a really really cool thing) made her beeing so happy. I was directly infected and after our call I went into the supermarket with a huge portion of good mood, talked with the ladies of our bakery longer as usually (I worked there for a year so I know all of them) and yeah .. it’s crazy .. but be happy and all the people around you will getting happy too.

I climb up this tree to make some photos which show me phoning

This is our supermarket tree.

Ok, I’m kidding. For having some pictures in this post, I made some photos as I was today in the forest. High up in the peaks of some pines I have my little privat nest. No, now I’m not joking. I love this place. Very special there. Mom would say dangerous. But fortunately she doesn’t know about it.

me sitting in the old pines

But I reckon you’re not interested in my Mums opinion about her son scrambling up in the trees. Rather more you would ask why Anja called me.

The day before I had checked the capabilities to cross the oceans.

I don’t want fly to much because I’m a little eco. I think (whenever Fox News propagates some different shit) climate change and the worldwide pollution is not any of these stupid american doomsday prognoses and a real problem .. We have to care a little more, also when we travel we will find ways to do. But I have to fly somewhere in Indonesia, the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean.

I asked at almost 10 of the big shipping companies to work on there container vessels – not for money, only for having the ability to cross the ocean without an airplane (because to cross per ship is invaluabe). But it’s not possible. They all gave me really nice answers and tried to help my to find a company which fits, but thanks to the sea workers law „MLC 2006“ they are not allowed to hire some cabin boys like in earlier times. I would have to take a lot of credits before beeing allowed to work on a ship and it’s not easy to make a regular internship as in other branches. But maybe .. maybe I will try with an other application, I got a nice tip. (Or do you know some sailors who need a cool cook-general on their ship?)

But I suppose I will fly.

But flying is also very expensive.

sitting on the top of the tree with my smarphone

Lucky me, that I heard about round the world tickets. They are a nice option.

I searched through the internet for some backpacker offices, which have such tickets. And I found what I was looking for. Special companies which concentrate on student travel, authenticly showing that they are believing that travel is the best education. Therefore they don’t want to sell some all inclusive „don’t care about anything“ stuff and accecpt that their customers want to learn about the world and about themselves. They try not to steal you your freedom on that trip and that’s what I like.

round the world ticket route

There are complete routes around the globe like in this example, but you can also ask for your special case. And that is what I did and the reason why the nice girl called me.

Since then I know 3 new things about these tickets:

1) They are fortunately flexible. I can plan my route on my own and the organisation will only help me to get the cheapest offers. To rebook a fligth costs 50€ (today 56$) but I can make it if I want to, that’s a good thing to know.

2) It is really nothing to sneeze at. The price is ok. It had been estimated that I will pay roughly the same as I found with my researches on the internet. I compared the prices in the last days and for my route this is a good offer. But in the end I will decide pro or con depending on what an quotation they make.

3) Flights can be booked only a year in before. So I’ve given more time as I thought to think about when exactely I need the airplanes (because they’re booking all of them together). And that will be my purpose in the next few weeks.

you have a beautiful view from here

That’s it for now. Hope you have a great time planning your adventure!

if you look exactely, you will see the little airplane in the distance, far away


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